úterý 12. ledna 2010

Project 365 in Brown and Blue - and S4H friendly!

Are you looking for something new for your Project 365 layouts? I´m coming with Project 365: "BB" kit and overlays. It´s in brown and blue coulour and contains:
over 50 elements, 9 papers, 5 sets of daynames, 5 sets of monthnames, 2 sets of weeknames and 6 large weekreview frames (3600x3600). Buying Overlays you´ll get 8 beautiful layered and shadowed arrangements.
You can also buy the kit and overlays together in money saving pack! And this P365: "BB" is S4H friendly!!!

And from 12th to 15th January is everything 50% off - you can buy e.g. the pack only for 2.40 USD, so don´t miss it!

And some inspiration from my amazing CT and me:

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